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##S_294 Early morning in Provence. "Moonstone, Amethyst, White Crystal, Blue Grain Agate, Pink Chalcedony" Moonstone: Known as the "Stone of Husband and Wife", it stabilizes emotions, improves insomnia, improves femininity, and has beauty effects. White crystal: anti-radiation, strengthen inspiration and thinking ability, clear mind, help school and work. Amethyst: increase popularity, recruit dignitaries, promote health, enhance memory, aid studies and sleep. Chalcedony: Improve skin radiance and eliminate emotional instability. Blue-grained agate: clear mind, enhance expression ability, refresh the soul, calm the heart, reduce anger and anxiety. Helps eliminate fatigue and stress. -------------------------- #悦serendipity ⁣⁣⁣ #澳水晶#澳手#澳手作-------- -------------------If you are sensitive to metals, please choose carefully. -Natural minerals will have uniqueness, ice flocs, textures, and lack of minerals. We will try our best to select them when making them, but not every bead can be 100% perfect. These are all natural. 👉🏻[Part of the hand circumference] 👈🏻-Please inform us how many centimeters the hand circumference is after placing the order. -All models in the original picture are made according to the 15cm hand circumference. Net hand measurement method:-Take a soft ruler or a thread or a piece of paper around your wrist, mark it and spread it out before measuring it with a ruler. -Please give us the exact size of your wrist (cm), we need the "actual hand circumference" of your hand, so don't use too loose or too tight. -Because of the different hand circumferences, the layout method will be slightly adjusted according to the length, and the material will be slightly increased or decreased. 🔮【Accessories maintenance】🔮-If the silver jewelry is oxidized when it comes into contact with sweat or skin care products, you can wipe it with a silver cloth to restore its luster. -Avoid letting the jewelry touch water, moisture, acid and alkali, body lotion, perfume, etc. -It is recommended to take it off before playing in the water or taking a bath. Prolonged contact may cause oxidation and fading. -When wearing the elastic thread made in Japan, try not to pull it too hard to avoid fatigue and breakage.


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