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##S_309 "Citrine·White Crystal·Blue Phosphate·Strawberry Crystal"⁣⁣⁣

Citrine: The main part of wealth, often brings unexpected wealth, corresponds to the sun wheel, helps the intestines and stomach, helps memory, logic, order, recitation, and enhances personal self-confidence.

White Crystal: Prevent evil and transform evil spirits, purify negative sexual energy and strengthen the human body's magnetic field. The powerful healing crystal can expand, store, release and regulate energy. Develop the potential of wisdom, enhance memory, help studies, prevent radiation, help health, clear the mind, stabilize emotions, and have the effect of safeguarding safety.

Apatite: A very peaceful gemstone that enables people who often disagree with each other to work together peacefully, and can make people who are more self-centered, extreme and stubborn, more gentle. For patients with osteoporosis, it has the effect of strengthening bones and improving physical fitness, and has the effect of balancing cells and molecules in the skin.

Strawberry Crystal: It is one of the love stones. Hiring a good peach blossom can improve interpersonal relationships and bring good marriage. Being able to develop the heart chakra, when the message of love is injected into the crystal, others can also feel the existence of your love.

*The columnar blue apatite used in this model is prone to cracks, which is normal. If you mind, please do not place an order!

"Citrine·White Crystal·Blue Phosphate·Strawberry Crystal"⁣⁣⁣