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7.5mm Black Moonstone Black Moonstone is the birthstone of 6 moons. 🖤Improve intuition, enrich the sensual face🖤Activate metabolism, adjust hormones🖤Fresh thinking, inhibit excessive anxiety🖤Improve obesity -------------- #悦serendipity⁣⁣⁣ #澳水晶#澳手#澳手作-------------------- ------- If you are sensitive to metals, please choose carefully. -Natural minerals will have uniqueness, ice flocs, textures, and lack of minerals. We will try our best to select them when making them, but not every bead can be 100% perfect. These are all natural. 👉🏻[Part of the hand circumference] 👈🏻- Please inform us how many centimeters the hand circumference is after placing the order. -All models in the original picture are made according to the 15cm hand circumference. Net hand measurement method:- Take a soft ruler or a thread or a piece of paper around your wrist, make a mark and spread it out before measuring wi