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Orders & Policy

1. All large pound cakes are not available for sale in stock. Customers must book in advance and complete the payment. Less than 48 hours or more is an urgent order. Expedited charges may be added, depending on the order situation. The shopkeeper will inform the total price and the last order cut-off time when quoting.

2. Customers ordering whole cakes, our shop provides a glue knife and a candle for free. Due to environmental protection reasons, our shop will not actively provide plastic forks and paper plates. If you need cakes, you can ask the shop staff for them.

3. All large pound cakes are packed with a handwritten card, with a limit of 25 letters in English and 20 characters in Chinese. An extra $20 will be charged for extra tiles or too much text.
(Emoji figurines are not drawn, and writing services directly on the cake surface are not provided. There is no choice of brand styles and materials).

4. The store does not provide ice packs or thermal insulation bags, please bring your own if you need it.
5. If the customer requires additional fresh fruit decoration (from $50), macarons ($10 without dolls, additional quotation with dolls), if there are other requirements after the quotation, you need to re-quote or add additional fees. All quotations are calculated according to actual conditions.
6. All pictures are for reference only, everything in kind shall prevail. The effect of the same style but different weights or different sizes must be different. If you don’t understand, please check with the owner.
7. This shop does not provide delivery service.
8. Impolite persons or bargaining persons will not be accepted.
9. The cakes are all handmade. It is normal for occasional imperfections. Perfectionists please detour.

10. All decorations or fruits will be replaced by others if they are out of stock, without prior notice.


1. If the customer needs to change the order, it must be notified 48 hours in advance.
2. Once the order has been paid, it will be deemed to have been placed. Cancellation of the order or change of style will not be accepted, and the paid amount will not be refunded.
3. The order can only be postponed once, and the withdrawal date must be completed within 30 days.
4. The customer must pick up the cake on the specified date on the receipt. If you don't pick it up on the day, the store will only keep it for one day, but the customer is responsible for the shape or taste. If you still do not pick up the next day, it will be deemed to have been waived, and the paid amount will not be refunded and the delivery will be rescheduled.
5. In case of Typhoon No. 8/Black Waterfall Warning, the pick-up service will be suspended. The staff will contact the customer to reschedule the order before the Observatory announces the news, and the paid amount will not be refunded.
6. The goods will not be returned or exchanged when going out. The clerk will ask the customer to check and accept the goods in the store. If there are any errors or omissions, please raise them immediately.
7. For the above order terms, our shop reserves the right to make the final decision, and the latest published terms shall prevail.

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