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{ Crystal Description }

Prehnite: Prehnite has the effect of calming nerves and eliminating stress. Its calm energy can relieve stress such as tension and fatigue, maintain balance and stability in the body and mind, and prevent people from being hysterical, irritable, violent, etc. It also cultivates people’s patience and perseverance, has the energy for self-control, and can also enhance the confidence of the holder. He is very ambitious. Wearing prehnite can calm down excessive competition and be able to penetrate Ego, when facing things, can think more thoroughly and start anew, guide you to achieve your goals, and promote coordination with people around you.

Qingti. "Green Prehnite·White Crystal·Blue Apatite"

  • { Notes }

    -If you are sensitive to metals, please choose carefully.

    -Natural minerals will have uniqueness, ice flocs, textures, and lack of minerals. We will try our best to select them when making them, but not every bead can be 100% perfect. These are all natural.

    { The part around the hand }

    -All models in the original picture are made according to the 15cm hand circumference. (Suitable for average girls.)

    Net hand measurement method:-Take a soft ruler or a thread or a piece of paper around your wrist, mark it and spread it out before measuring it with a ruler.

    -Please give us the exact size of your wrist (cm), we need the "actual hand circumference" of your hand, so don't use too loose or too tight.

    -Because of the different hand circumferences, the layout method will be slightly adjusted according to the length, and the material will be slightly increased or decreased.

    { Accessories Maintenance }

    -If the silver jewelry is oxidized when it comes into contact with sweat, skin care products, etc., it can be wiped with a silver wiping cloth to restore its luster.

    -Avoid letting the jewelry touch water, moisture, acid and alkali, body lotion, perfume, etc.

    -It is recommended to take it off before playing in the water or taking a bath. Prolonged contact may cause oxidation and fading.

    -When wearing the elastic thread made in Japan, try not to pull it too hard to avoid fatigue and breakage.

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